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Hey Tappers,

In our next patch, we will release 7 new collectible Boss Relics, which will only be dropped by specific multiplayer bosses.

Cloud Beast Frybo Eye Cloud Electric Skull Tourmaline Ringo Storm Warrior
Health Team Pass Dmg Tap Damage Passive Damage Team Tap Dmg All Stats Offline XP
Health Regen Physical Defense Energy Defense Team Dodge Dodge Rating Online XP


Here is some extra info:

  • Boss Relics are guaranteed to be given if the player is completing a difficulty, which is higher or 300 for the first time and wins the Multiplayer Match.
  • Boss relics will only drop for the host of a Multiplayer Match.
  • Each Boss Relic, besides Ringo’s, will increase two specific stats (see table above) by 1% for each character in your team.
    • The Boss Relic of Ringo will increase all of your team’s characters’ stats by 1/12 %.


We hope that you enjoy this patch and chasing down all of those relics.

Your Tap Together Team